Scandinavia offers quite a different sailing experience. In the high season (July – September), the darkness falls for just 3 hours a day, so you get almost constant daylight as you sail the waters of the north, south, east and west coasts. The beautiful coastline is sprinkled with archipelagos, undisturbed nature, clean beaches, isolated islands and coastal fishing villages.

Some of the places to visit:


You can sail the waters of the Gulf of Bothnia in Swedish Lapland and go onshore to experience the weird and wonderful geology of the High Coast from the east coast of Northern Sweden. Or why not opt for the Stockholm archipelago and the islands of Finnhamn, Grinda, Utö and Sandhamn, all of which have restaurants, bars and nature and adventure activities. There are some 24,000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago, so you are literally spoiled for choice.


This is the “land of the midnight sun” and magnificent fjords.  Norway's coastline is immense – with around 50,000 islands, numerous fjords and all indentations it measures 21,925. This gives yacht charters a lot of opportunity for a truly intense and diverse sailing adventure in protected waters. Here you can sail among some of the most spectacular natural Fjord scenery in the world.  


Finland’s Baltic coast is a perfect travel destination for anyone looking for a diverse sailing experience with that „extra something“ mixed into its flavour. In the sailing world, Finnland is also known as the „land of thousand seas“. With 188,000 lakes (about 10% of the country) and almost as many islands, you will never fall short of things to see. In the northernmost part of the country, you can gaze at the beauty of the Northern Lights during the winter and experience the midnight sun in the summer.

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