There’s nothing quite so liberating as sailing. Not only are you on vacation, but you get to explore, be adventurous and still have plenty of time to enjoy and relax. But sometimes things get serious and unpredictable. You or your crew members might get sick, you might miss your flight, experience bad weather storms, expensive equipment might get damaged or broken… Purchasing a travel insurance allows you to protect yourself against loss in these cases. There are a few types of insurance you might purchase:

  • Skippers Liability Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation and Curtailment Costs Insurance
  • Bond Insurance
  • Travel Abroad Health Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Please do a careful research on what type of insurance is best suited for your specific charter needs. There are many travel-insurance comparison websites out there which can help you narrow down your choice and decide on the level of coverage you need. The cost of any insurance is well worth the peace of mind, comparing to the amount you could potentially lose by not being insured.